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Thank you for your interest in Datagate's technical training services.

Datagate can help your organization's ongoing education needs by providing classroom delivery of Oblix Education materials, tailored courses and workshops, and instructional design for your own classroom or eLearning training courses.

Oblix Education Series

Datagate is a certified Oblix Training Partner.

The full Oblix course curriculum can be found on on the Oblix Education website.

The two baseline courses for understanding and configuring the COREid® product line are:

Configuring the COREid® Identity System (3 days)

Configuring the COREid® Access System (2 days)

We normally deliver these courses together over 5 days. Taken together, these two courses:

  • provide a valuable context for the overall COREid® system
  • highlight powerful integration features shared by the two major subsystems
  • deliver the required baseline knowledge for configuring the Oblix COREid® system.

Students with specific needs who may not require the bigger picture may attend either course independently.

These courses presume a certain level of knowledge, such as basic web server and LDAP concepts. Oblix provides several self-paced eLearning modules that may help with this. Students are informed about specific prerequisites during course registration.

Authorised Training Provider

Instructional Design

Datagate also works closely with Oblix to develop new courses in the Oblix Education curriculum.

If your organization intends to customize the look and feel of COREid® to better integrate with your portal or other user-facing application, this eLearning module is a great way to get your developers up to speed quickly:

Customizing the COREid® Identity System

If you are integrating Oblix COREid® with 3rd-party products or services, need to invoke its functions via XML Web Services, or integrate Identity Management into your own business processes or workflows, we recommend the following as baseline education for your developers.

Getting Started with IdentityXML™

Getting Started with the Identity Event Plug-in API

All of the above modules are available as eLearning modules on the Oblix Education website (look for the Developer Series). Datagate is pleased to work with customers to deliver custom workshops based on any of the above eLearning modules, or any of the other Oblix integration services and APIs.

We encourage you to browse the Oblix Education course catalog online at your leisure. When you are ready to plan your course, please contact us to discuss your training requirements.

Datagate has enjoyed a close partnership with Oblix both in training and in professional services for over 4 years, in both the USA and EMEA regions. If you have questions we can't answer ourselves, we can usually find the answer quickly for you.

For more information on our training services, contact:

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