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David Curley
Principal Consultant

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Career Summary

David Curley currently runs Datagate Systems Limited, a U.K. based consulting firm specialising in identity management and enterprise security solutions using Oblix COREid. In this role, Mr. Curley engages in consulting and systems integration projects at all levels of corporate and government client organizations. He is also the founder of, a web-based service that makes SMS text messaging easier for businesses and individuals.

Prior to Datagate, Mr. Curley was an independent software consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he lived for over 10 years, working with a variety of leading high-tech companies including Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, Oblix and Netscape as well as several Internet start-ups.

Mr. Curley's core skills include systems integration, software development, training and technical writing. His areas of expertise cover enterprise security, especially IDM (identity management) and AAA (authentication, authorization and auditing) using Oracle Access Manager (Oblix COREid / NetPoint), LDAP directories, relational databases, XML, J2EE and an array of programming languages and Internet technologies and protocols. He also provides project management, instructional design and classroom instruction. He regularly engages with clients on both sides of the Atlantic. Excellent references are available on request.


  • Over 20 years software industry experience, including 15 as an independent consultant
  • Experienced enterprise security and identity management architect
  • 7+ years Internet server application development
  • 10+ years web and network application development
  • 3 years engineering project lead experience (Sun Microsystems)
  • 4 years database design and application development
  • Proposed and co-developed the X.400 Calendaring/Scheduling API standard
  • Technical writing and training course design and authoring experience
  • Extensive public speaking experience, including classroom delivery
  • Operating systems: Unix, Windows, DOS
  • Technical: Identity Management, Single Sign-on, LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, PKI, Microsoft SharePoint, Java, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, PERL, HTML, C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX shells, scripting, PERL, CGI, PHP, MySQL

Experience, April 2007 - Present


Founder and lead developer of, a web-based service that simplifies SMS text messaging for business and personal users. LookNoThumbs provides a simple, pay-as-you-go web front-end to SMS messaging. It eliminates the part people find hard (entering text on a phone) and offers premium services like web service access, security, group texting, scheduled messages and subscription-based alerts - usually reserved for premium or business customers - to all users at no extra cost.


dns Ltd., September 2005 - April 2007


Identity Management Architect for a national portal for 1.5 million users in the education sector:

  • Delivered an Identity Management solution including single sign-on and user management, integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and a range of both custom and commercial applications .
  • Delivered a policy-driven national directory search and user management facility including delegated administration, password management and user self service.
  • Advisor on IDM and single sign-on matters for 50+ strong implementation team developing the portal, infrastructure and end user applications.
  • Delivered workshops and training materials for developers, support and hosting operations staff.
  • Technical liaison with IDM product vendor (Oracle).
  • Assisted with proofs of concept and designed integrations with a range of applications.
  • Technologies: Oracle Access Manager (Oblix COREId / NetPoint); Microsoft Active Directory; Microsoft SharePoint; LDAP; XML; SOAP; XSL; XSLT .
  • Platforms: Windows Server; Windows XP.

Oblix, Inc., October 2000 - August 2005


Performed a subject matter expert (SME) role across Oblix, its partners and its customers, specializing in XML technologies and Oblix integration APIs, field implementation and training. Performed these and similar services for a large number of organizations spanning multiple industries, plus US and UK government sectors:

  • Proposed and quickly (6 weeks) integrated open-source XML components (Xerces parser and Xalan XSLT processor) into NetPoint 5.0, resolving serious performance, quality and standards-compliance problems in the final days of development, and making a low-cost XML strategy available for future releases.
  • Enhanced XSLT processing performance by over 80% for NetPoint 5.0 through these integrations and additional rearchitecture in the XML layer.
  • Co-authored NetPoint Developer's Guide and NetPoint Customization Guide
  • Developed and delivered Customizing the NetPoint Identity System and Publisher, a technical training course with supporting software and course materials, designed for Oblix Education and its partners to deliver to NetPoint customers. This course teaches NetPoint customization using XML techniques.
  • Provided many NetPoint COREid plugins, web services integrations and customizations for Oblix Professional Services during proof-of-concept and customer engagements.
  • Designed and authored eLearning courses for Oblix developers and integrators: 1) Getting Started with the Identity Event Plug-in API and 2) Getting Started with IdentityXML.
  • Delivered onsite customer classroom training on NetPoint COREid System and NetPoint Access System.
  • Performed Proof of Concept (POC) implementations for prospective Oblix customers evaluating the core product set.
  • Conducted formal onsite pre- and post-implementation reviews of Oblix projects, covering design, architecture, performance and security. These review findings provide customers with a detailed, high-value independent analysis of their implementation, with risk assessment and graded action recommendations.
  • Performed multiple custom integrations for Oblix customers across industries plus US and UK government sectors.
  • Oblix Certified Instructor (OCI)
  • Technologies: C++, XML, XSL, XSLT Stylesheets, LDAP, Netscape Enterprise Server, HTML, JavaScript, Microsoft Active Directory
  • Platforms: Solaris, Windows NT

Otecia, Inc., November 2004 and July 2005


  • Implemented Oblix COREid Identity and Access for a US government customer onsite (Washington D.C. )
  • Implemented Oblix COREid Identity and Access for a global automotive client (Detroit, MI and Raleigh, N.C.. )
  • Technologies: Oblix COREid, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Active Directory, Sun One Directory, Sun Web Server, Tomcat, Citrix
  • Platforms: Windows NT, Solaris, Linux

TDG, November 2002


  • Technical evaluation of IBM Tivoli Access Manager for E-Business against specific client needs (integration with and web single-sign-on between Notes and Domino applications, and custom in-house applications)
  • Technologies: IBM Tivoli Access Manager for E-business (TAM)
  • Platforms: Windows NT

PricewaterhouseCoopers, May 2002 - September 2002


  • Lead Oblix NetPoint consultant on large government integration project
  • Trained PwC staff and customers in NetPoint COREid customization and integration techniques
  • Deployed Oblix NetPoint COREid with extensive customization and integration points (plugins) for integration with SunOne directory and messaging components
  • Provided project management support and liased between PwC, Oblix and customers
  • Technologies: Oblix NetPoint COREid APIs, C++, PERL, CGI, HTML, XML, enterprise servers
  • Platforms: Solaris, Windows NT

WebAndTalk, October 1999 - October 2000

Co-founder and CTO

  • Overall responsibility for n-tier software architecture
  • Co-architect for WebAndTalk, an audio-centric groupware product for e-business portals
  • Prototyped SpeechBubble, a next-generation communications application
  • Technologies: Internet protocols, XML, SOAP, Java Enterprise, streaming audio, integrated telephony
  • Platforms: Solaris, Windows NT

Agorics, Inc., August 1999 - October 2000


  • Developed Cancun, a secure Internet email (SMTP) server that encrypts/signs and decrypts email automatically as it enters and leaves the enterprise.
  • Technologies: Java, scripting, PKI, PGP, S/MIME, SMTP, MIME
  • Platforms: Windows NT, Solaris

True Genesis, Inc., February 1999 - April 1999


  • Developed components of a large Internet shopping application for a nationwide retailer.
  • The application was developed using Netscape Application Server (a.k.a. KIVA) and consists of Java application logic that manages an Informix-based data store and generates HTML pages dynamically as the user interface. System was developed on Windows NT, using Symantec Visual Café, and deployed on Solaris 2.5.1. Sybase and Oracle database stores.

Sun Microsystems, Inc., Internet Products Division, October 1997 - January 1999


  • Sun's representative to IETF standards group for Calendaring and Scheduling (see Internet RFC 2445 - iCalendar).
  • Developed Sun's scaleable internet calendar server (SCS).
  • Reverse-engineered undocumented RPC protocols used by Sun's desktop calendar server rpc.cmsd

Netscape/Actra Business Systems, Inc., July 1997 - August 1997


  • Developed automatic install and regression test scripts for Electronic Commerce (EC) products, specifically Order Expert (OE) Seller.

Silicon Graphics, Inc., September 1994 - June 1997


Cosmo Software Division, March 1997 - June 1997
  • Developed Charm, a professional 2D web content authoring product.
Internal Training Group, December 1996
  • Designed a reusable web-based tutorial framework for SGI's internal applications.
  • Implemented the pilot web-based tutorial for SGI's Electronic Requisition application.
CD-ROM Technology Group, January 1996 - March 1997
  • Developed Macromedia Shockwave plugin for Netscape Navigator.
  • Developed Macromedia Director Player for Silicon Graphics IRIX. The product allows SGI O2 and Indy users to play off-the-shelf PC and Mac multimedia CD-ROM titles authored using Macromedia Director.
Indigo Magic Desktop group, March 1996 - June 1996
  • Developed components of the Indigo Magic internet desktop for IRIX 6.3.
User Interface Technology Group, September 1994 - January 1996
  • Designed and developed GoldenGate, a multi-threaded, automatic digital media translation service.
  • Integrated GoldenGate with Indigo Magic desktop, window system, digital media and web applications.
  • Assisted with Motif and Xt maintenance, new widget development, and SGI UI enhancements.

Campbell Services Inc., September-October 1994


  • Technical feasibility study for integration of OnTime with CDE Calendar API and server.

Sun Microsystems, Inc., Mountain View, CA, 1991-1994

Project Leader

  • Responsible for the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) Calendar (X/Motif client + RPC server). (Led team of 5-10).
  • Responsible for the CDE Calendaring and Scheduling API component (Led team of 3).
  • Sun's representative on X.400 standards group for calendaring and scheduling APIs (aka vCalendar).
  • Responsible for engineering and productization on SunSoft Motif, version 1.0. (Led team of 3).
  • Architect for international (multi-byte) market support for Open Look Intrinsics Toolkit (OLIT).
  • Responsible for implementing international support in OLIT (Led team of 12).
  • Conducted internationalization training for Sun in Japan and at X Technical Conference, Boston, 1992.

Oracle Corporation (Europe) Ltd., Chertsey, England,1990-1991

Software Engineer

  • Oracle applications development: SQL, PL/SQL, Forms
  • Developed CASE*Designer, X toolkit-based data modeling tools interfaced to CASE data dictionary.
  • Responsible for V1.0 bug fixing, V2.0 design and development.
  • Responsible for internationalization.
  • Designed GUI components, and helped develop CASE-specific GUI style guide.
  • Developed modules of CASE Generator for SQL*Forms 3.0.

The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), Watford, England, 1989-1990

Support Analyst

  • Responsible for support and ISV training on Open Desktop 1.0 in Europe.
  • Developed and delivered Motif and Open Desktop developer training seminars.
  • Presented Open Desktop 1.0 GUI at SCO Developer Conference, Frankfurt, 1990.

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Reading, England, 1987-1989

Software Engineer

Developed window system and OS components, specializing in internationalization.

Bridge Computer Systems, Ltd., Glasgow, Scotland, 1984-1986


PC application development (MS-DOS)

  • Designed and implemented a wide-area PC network for a large automotive parts retail chain.
  • Developed Bridge primary product, an integrated accounting package
  • Developed an insurance client and document management system.
  • Designed and developed a video store inventory and rental system.
  • Development in Dataflex RDBMS forms and scripts, Pascal and scripting


BSc in Computer Science, University of Paisley, 1987

Oblix Certified Instructor

Toastmasters International - Advanced Toastmaster

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