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Working in new areas of technology isn't always easy. Sometimes the available tools are not yet up to the job and we end up developing our own. One of our most useful tools for working with Oblix NetPoint (aka COREid or Oracle Access Manager) turned into Mumbo, which you can download from this page. We hope to provide other tools here in the future.

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Mumbo is an easy-to use GUI-based tool for learning, authoring, testing, debugging and timing IdentityXML, the XML/SOAP interface to Oblix NetPoint. It was written in Perl for cross-platform portability and to allow users to customise it quickly if necessary.


  • (17K) - Mumbo 2.6 adds support for HTTP basic authentication. Tested with COREid (Oracle Access Manager in 10g R2).


  • (16K) - Mumbo 2.5 is a minor revlsion adding templates for common IdentityXML commands, minor bug fixes and a revision ot the Help file to reflect Oracle's re-branding of COREid.
  • (14K) - Mumbo 2.4 enhances the usefulness of the tool for sustained load testing by allowing the same request to be sent repeatedly with a specified delay. (Hint: use many instances of Mumbo from different machines using different requests to better simulate load patterns.)
  • (12K) - Version 2.3 added request timings for IdentityXML performance analysis.
  • (10.5K) - the first public release.



Note: You will need Perl installed on your system to run Mumbo. See the help file included in the package for details. Datagate recommends ActiveState's ActivePerl for Windows, which is available here.

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