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Security and Identity Management

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Datagate provides professional services and training in the enterprise security field, specializing in Identity Management and Access Control.

We provide expertise in identity management (IDM) solutions, single sign-on (SSO), and AAA (authentication, authorization and auditing), especially those using Oracle Access Manager (formerly Oblix NetPoint® and Oblix COREid®).

We have been closely involved with the development, implementation and deployment of Oracle Access Manager (formerly Oblix COREid®) since 2000.

We were one of only two companies worldwide certified as Authorised COREid® Training Providers when Oblix was acquired by Oracle in 2005, as well as a preferred Oblix Professional Services partner. We continue to provide a variety of services to COREid® corporate, educational, and government customers in the USA and Europe.

Datagate Professional Services

Datagate has been engaged on IDM and AAA projects at every phase from inception to post-production. Along the way have developed our own professional services offerings.

COREid® Design and Implementation Services

  • COREid® solution design
  • COREid® integration
  • COREid® proof of concept (POC)
  • COREid® XML / XSLT customization
  • COREid® plugin development
  • COREid® performance tuning

Independent COREid® reviews

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Production Readiness
  • Production
  • Migration plan
  • In-production health-check

Contact us to discuss how we can help you to increase the value of your Oracle Access Manager or Oblix COREid® solution.

Datagate Education

As an Authorized Oblix Training Provider, Datagate worked closely with Oblix to develop the instructor-led COREid® administration courses, as well as several eLearning courses for developers and integrators. These courses are now available through Oracle University.

Datagate provides custom workshops and training courses on COREid topics such as integration and customisation, tailored to customer needs.

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Datagate Developer Tools

Datagate also develops integration tools. Our COREid® web services client, Mumbo, is a preferred tool of COREid® consultants and customers who are developing XML Web Services clients for COREid®. Mumbo is a simple, cross-platform, GUI-based tool for authoring, measuring and testing XML/SOAP requests using COREid® IdentityXML.

Learn more about Datagate Developer Tools.

Datagate Applications

Datagate is currently working on its own applications as well as add-on services offering high value functionality to enterprise Identity and Access Management customers. Our IAM integration background gives us the ideal perspective to develop solutions that will integrate easily and deliver cost-saving solutions to some of the real pain-producing problems enterprises face.

More information on our applications will be made available soon.

Tech Notes

We occasionally produce how-to articles related to COREid integration to help support customers and fellow integrators resolve common COREid problems that may require further explanation than is available elsewhere.

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About Our Founder

Datagate founder David Curley has over 18 years of software experience, including more than a decade as an independent consultant and trainer. He has contributed to the success of many product development and solution integration projects.

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